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Peak Performance

Peak Performance relies on the combination of a regulated emotional state, mental focus and peak physical strength in either your sport or work function. We all know that our thoughts and emotions have a profound effect on our ability to perform at our best. Our ability to manage our emotional state under intense pressure and demanding conditions is really what separates sporting champions from the rest. Biofeedback teaches athletes and executives powerful techniques of being aware of how to balance their autonomic nervous system and control their emotional game on demand during sport or work.

Therefore the mental strength of an athlete is at least as important as the physical strength.

Biofeedback is the technology being used to show us where physiology meet psychology

Biofeedback and neurofeedback technology can be helpful for athletes to detect and control shifts in their mental state while resting, practicing or participating in a high-stress and competitive environment. Biofeedback and neurofeedback refer to technology which enables an athlete to monitor the physiological signals of the mind-body system in real-time. This enables us to notice and learn how to gain control of the physiological and psychological state which is critical for peak performance.

The two key points in peak performance are stress management and improving focus. Athletes can benefit using biofeedback and neurofeedback while training towards peak performance by, reducing stress and anxiety, regulating energy levels, learning better to focus and reaching consistency in performance.

Incorporating the power of sport specific visualization reduces stress, enhances relaxation, and improves sustained focus by directing the attention of the athlete to a specific aspect of the routine or performance. An athlete develops mental clues to help him/her eliminate distractions such as crowd noise or movements.

Training effects noted:
  • Increases awareness of how emotions affect your body and impact your performance
  • Balance the autonomic nervous system to stabilise emotions, reduce cortisol and adrenaline
  • Manage performance anxiety, pressure and excitability
  • Improved focus and concentration during stressful moments during training or competition
  • Decrease “mental chatter”
  • Regain focus quickly following a setback – letting go
  • Effective recovery after intense training or injury

Athletes will do intense periods off track/court training with Biofeedback and an individualised program will be compiled to transfer techniques to the sport at hand. Making use of in-office training as well as home training, enhances the learning curve. There is no quick fix and as athletes know “practice makes perfect”.

We utilise home training devises like breathing pacers on mobile phones or tablets, Heart Math devises (Emwave 2 or Emwave Desktop version) to continue practicing Heart Rate Variability training in various settings.


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