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Sensory Profiling

As Occupational Therapists we know that no two people in the world will react the same in any situation they encounter. Genetic predisposition (Nature) plays a role, learning and experiences (Nurture) from very early stage of life also play a role, also how their senses process the information from their environment - all of these will create a platform from which they all make decisions to act towards a stimuli or environment. This myriad of reactions reflects peoples individual sensory patterns, and these patterns affect the way we react to everything that happens to us throughout the day.

Gaining understanding of your own behaviour or the behaviour patterns of your child / family member or colleague need to include knowledge of Sensory Systems and the role they play before you make up your mind….

Making use of the work done by pioneers in the field like Winnie Dunn and Annemarie Lombard will help establish better understanding of these systems. I include this in many of my assessments and training regimes in order for my clients to gain better understanding of themselves and how to modulate / adapt the way they might do things on a day to day basis, in order to better regulate their own sensory and nervous systems.

Completing a Sensory Profile and scheduling a follow up consultation session in order to establish how to adjust or modulate according to your profile suggestions.

Sensory Intelligence

Sensory Intelligence® is all about rethinking the way we work, learn and live. It’s about transforming and adapting our mindset to better understand how sensory messages affect our lives. Our world is getting more complex by the day, with our senses being bombarded from all directions. This overstimulation has affected our productivity more than we realise. Sensory Intelligence® Consulting wants to change this through insights of how the human brain processes sensory messages.

We promote self-understanding and assist individuals to increase their performance, concentration and incorporate wellness strategies to be more healthy and balanced. Our training courses and e-profiling products provide simple, yet powerful insights, resulting in a better understanding of each other in order to work together in a cohesive manner and produce successful outcomes.

By implementing practical strategies based on neuroscience, we can change the way we work, learn and live to become more balanced and productive.

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Winnie Dunn Model

Dunn's Model of Sensory Processing was developed in the field of occupational and educational counseling. Dunn proposes that four sensory processing patterns characterize the perceptual process. These patterns are thought to arise from individual differences in neurological thresholds for stimulation (high-low) and self-regulation strategies (active-passive). Crossing these dimensions gives us four sensory processing styles (Dunn, 2001; 1997).

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The Brain, with its integrated neural network throughout the entire body, carries neural messages to every corner of the body.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists make use of skilled treatment modalities that equip individuals to achieve optimal independence in all facets of their lives.

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The goal of Neurofeedback is to assist the brain in training itself to use more effective firing patterns and become better regulated.

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Vielight photobiomodulation technology is adopted in the fields of neuroscience and non-invasive brain stimulation.

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Sensory Profiling

As Occupational Therapists we know that no two people in the world will react the same in any situation they encounter.

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Peak Performance

Peak Performance relies on the combination of a regulated emotional state, mental focus and peak physical strength in either your sport or work function.

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